Russ Yelton, MBA
President & CEO

Yelton and Associates is a consulting firm that provides community development services to
municipalities and scaling businesses.
Russ Yelton, CEO has performed feasibility studies for multiple municipalities and groups ranging from
business incubations to co-workspaces to specialized programs such as the processing of native herbs.
Russ previously served as President/CEO of the Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and
Technology (NACET), overseeing the development of multiple business incubation sites across the State
of Arizona, including the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation at Gateway Community College (CEI), the
Maricopa Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE) in the City of Maricopa, as well as the Native American
Incubation Network (NAIN). Upon his departure, 62 companies were in the current portfolio, and clients
raised over $82 million in capital in 4 years. He also served as the founding President of the Arizona
Business Incubation Association (AzBIA).
Russ worked with a community college in North Carolina to convert an abandoned 141,000 sq. ft.
manufacturing facility into a mixed-use incubator consisting of an FDA approved commercial food
kitchen, biotechnology research labs, light manufacturing, and executive offices. The program also
established agreements with seven incubators in six foreign countries, which led to its recognition by
the International Business Incubation Association (INBIA) as the second most innovative program in the
world in 2008.